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Immovate will seamlessly be an extended regional consultant for its partners with deep knowledge of cultural and market dynamics within MEA, flourishing existing regional executive relationship with Tier1 Telco operators spanning more than 25 years of converged IT and Telecom experience at technical and commercial levels, with a strong knowledge of All IP convergence building blocks, RAN, transport, Core, OSS, BSS and Applications domain.

Sales Partnership & Business Development

Immovate will help partners to Identify and Qualify Regional Opportunities, enriching their pipeline, and integrating seamlessly with their Sales and presales teams with direct and effective contribution at all levels, ensuring competitive intelligence information is available with full technical and commercial synchronization.

Integration Services

Armed with experienced End-To-End engineers with breadth of experience on software development and convergent IT and Telecom Skills are equipped with whatever needed to provide professional services on partners ‘products in no time.

Converged Value Added Services

Immovate helping telecom and wireline Operators with advanced Value-Added-Services through enabling Digital Transformation journey resolving Operators’ long-lasting challenge with applications serving today’s and future needs with reduced launching cycle securing market competitive edge


Cloud Computing & IOT
IMMOVATE will help tailoring the key for Operators success through ecosystem of partnership to:
  • Evolve Agility of network operations through increased dependency on automation in order to proactively respond to operational, commercial, and security issues ​
  • Improve customer engagement and improved customer experience from deep diving exercise through analytics engines, while engineering processes around DIY model
  • Introduce Tailored and customized service offering through proper partnership resolving customer pain, positive response to needs and requirements in a real-time online interactive relationship
Business Analytics & AI
IMMOVATE will help operators with 360 view of customer segments, behaviors, interests and locations.
  • AI engine ecosystem, armed with machine learning algorithms with AI tools
  • Real-time visibility by integrating data from all Data Sources and related transactional systems through in-depth analytics, and agile decision-making.
  • Automating manual tasks with proactive/predictive rule-based validation, enhanced analytics, and exceptions management
  • Accelerating data-to-insight with machine intelligence.
Cyber Security
IMMOVATE will help Operators to ensure immunity of IT infrastructure from unauthorized and illegal use.
  • Help developing the strategy to deploy Security Operations Center, with intelligent analytics to ensure proactive and immediate treatment to vulnerabilities and attacks
  • Implement a centralized logging and correlations process among all network & system elements through SIEM introduction
  • Build a lab for vulnerability assessment within a communication process for fixing issues in a controlled & continuous manner

About Immovate

Simple Facts
  • IMMOVATE is a Regional Converged IT/Telecom Technology driven company playing a key role in digital transformation industry with focus on telecommunication and cybersecurity. We provide customers with competitive solutions ecosystem, by partnering with worldwide best in breed brands and vendors.
  • With over 25 years of experience in IT & Telecommunication backed with comprehensive bold achievements with leading telecom operators in the region, IMMOVATE is proud to be your partner to become/maintain regional market leadership.
Strategic Journey Objectives
  • Improve Agility of network operations through increased dependency on automation in order to proactively respond to operational, commercial, and security issues
  • Improve customer engagement and experience from deep diving exercise through analytics engines
  • Reengineer processes around DIY model
  • Tailor service offering through proper best in breed 3PV resolving customer pain, positive response to needs and requirements, in a Real-Time Online interactive relationship.

Why Immovate

We do believe in true partnership, we invest in people, and we believe that this is the most important asset at all times.

We shared our dreams, and we backed each other, to make our dreams come true, a new chapter of our life, merging success with SETS and a 25 years in IT and Telecom Arena with lot of achievements within MEA.

Yes, it is a new venture, built with faith and true belief. A new idea started small at a difficult moment and gaining momentum day after day…

Whatever you do, and if you do it with passion and determination, it will mature and grow with success, sustainability, creativity and innovation.

At Immovate we innovate to motivate, and our main target will always be to bring the best people, sharing our dreams and be part of our Digital Transformation Journey, to execute business with ethics and extract the most out of the tech world.

Hisham Muslimany
CoFounder & CEO @ Immovate Technologies


Joint venture with SETS an Established company in 1990 with headquarters in Lebanon, IMMOVATE is a leading ICT company in the Middle East assisting customers with the right ecosystem for a smooth digitalization journey.

With over 25 years of combined experience in the Telecom & IT industries, IMMOVATE has partnered with leading international brands and vendors in the IT & Telecommunication industry to offer high-quality and innovative solutions and services.



IMMOVATE operates both regionally and globally, covering Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman. Its portfolio of high-end products, services and solutions resolve most of the painful and complicated areas in public and private sectors, including Telecommunication, IT, Finance, IOT, Insurance, Media & design, NGOs, trading investment, and others.


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